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Our goal: sustainable business partnerships
Our Partner Program

Together with our Partners we are strong

IPC- IAS Partner Community Program strives for growth-oriented and mutual-benefit based sustainable business partnerships.

Thanks to successful business partners, IAS offers solutions and services to meet the localization needs. While bringing together market know-how and experience of business partners via IPC - IAS Partner Community Program, the goal of IAS is to establish long-term relationships by constantly fostering the competitive skills through trainings and workshops in collaboration with business partners.

Required professionals

The team conditions

Project Manager Technical Sales Specialist Telemarketing Specialist
Experience At least 5 years experience and responsible project manager with minimum 500K project volume At least 4 years experience Up to 2 years experience
Education Preferably, industrial engineer, or graduate degree in relevant faculties Preferably, industrial engineer, or graduate degree in relevant faculties -
Proficiency Highly: logistics, production and finance processes Advanced: SQL Preferbly: knowledge about object-oriented programming Highly: logistics, production and finance processes Advanced: SQL Preferably: knowledge about object-oriented programming Preferably: experienced in promotion of enterprise software via telemarketing
Skills Strong interpersonal skills, and skills in project management methodology Strong interpersonal skills and presentation skills Strong phone conversation skills

Sales Specialist Technical Sales Specialist Telemarketing Specialist (Optional)
Experience Experienced for 2 to 4 years. Preferably, experienced in enterprise software sales Experienced for at least 4 years Experienced up to 2 years
Education - Preferably, industrial engineer, or graduate degree in relevant faculties -
Proficiency - Highly proficient in the logistics, production and finance processes. Advanced Level Proficiency in SQL Preferably, having knowledge about object-oriented programming Preferably, experienced in promotion of enterprise software via telemarketing
Skills Having strong interpersonal and presentation skills Having strong interpersonal and presentation skills Having strong phone conversation skills

canias4.0 Otomasyon Modülü (AUT)

caniasERP Otomasyon Modülü (AUT) ile IoT’nin ERP çözümü ile tam entegrasyonu sağlanır. Otomasyon modülü sayesinde üretim aşamaları ile ilgili tüm önemli veriler üretim hatlarında toplanır, işlenir ve kontrol edilir. Bu modül, ERP çözümü ile kullanılan makineler arasındaki bağlantıyı kurar.

Otomasyon modülünün ekranları, çeşitli makinelerden alınan verileri işler. Sadece makinelerden bilgi almak değil, istenirse bilgi göndermek veya makineleri kontrol etmek de mümkündür. Otomasyon modülü, canias4.0’ın standart kapsamına dahildir, özelleştirme süreci kolay ve hızlı şekilde gerçekleşir.

canias4.0 Üretim Zekası (PRI) Modülü

canias4.0 Üretim Zekası (PRI) modülü ile üretim yönetimi, otomasyon modülleri ve IoT araçları aracılığıyla toplanan veriler analiz edilerek çeşitli raporlamalar gerçekleştirilebilir. Bu modül sayesinde verilerinizi gerçek zamanlı olarak izleyebilirsiniz.

Tanımlanan Anahtar Performans Göstergeleri (KPI) kullanılarak verimlilik izlenebilir. Ayrıca sistemin esnek yapısı sayesinde tanımlanan üretim ortamları için sapmalar periyodik olarak takip edilebilir.

  • Genel Ekipman Etkinliğinin Ölçümü (OEE)
  • Canlı prodüksiyon izleme
  • Ayrıntılı raporlama
Main Levels of Partner Structure

3 Types of Business Partnership and Requirements

Minimum Number of Personnel Minimum Number of Certified Personnel Minimum Number of Certificate
L4 >20 5 7
L3 15-19 3 5
L2 10-14 2 3
L1 5-9 1 1
Minimum number of personnel must necessarily be 5.
Scales provided in the TABLE 1 refer to the number of personnel which business partner must have and accordingly the number of required certificates, as one of the important criteria to take into account in level identification of the business partner.
Despite this table being one the important criteria which will determine the level of a business partner, it is not sufficient alone.

Partner Success Criteria Success Score L1 L2 L3 L4
Partner's Success story 15% 1 2 3 4
Customer Survey Results 15% %80 %80 %80 %80
Partner reference customer rate 15% %70 %70 %70 %70
Partner customer maintenance retention rate 25% %90 %90 %90 %90
Annual minimum license order amount** 30% 30K EUR 70K EUR 100K EUR 150K EUR
With TABLE 2, the qualifications and success criteria, other than qualitative level of the business partner are taken into account.
TABLE 2 provides the targets we expected of a business partner to accomplish annually under 5 core headings, depending on the levels indicated in TABLE 1.

**Means the total amount of orders over purchase prices to be placed by business partners to the IAS head office.

Success Score

60% - 74%

75% - 84%

85% - 94%






















Quantitative levels from TABLE 1 and overall success scores from TABLE 2 together combines in the matrix provided in TABLE 3, determining the level of a business partner. As a result, business partner can be exposed to different classifications, not just quantitative size.
For instance, it will be possible to classify a business partner at L2 level depending on the criteria in the TABLE 2 as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum when performance and success criteria are taken into account.
All scores and criteria refers the requirements needed for standard conditions, the actual Level of a partner will be determined on the basis of then-current conditions (Economic, regional, etc.), strategic importance, business potential, regional or specialization status of the partners.

Requirements to be met

General Terms and Conditions to Become a Business Partner

Each new partner must undergo IBA (IAS Business Academy) Orientation and Onboarding Training.
All business partners is obliged to notify IPC (IAS Partner Community) program all changes in existing business partnership criteria within 15 days.
IAS reserves the right to make unannounced audit during the year, and may suspend the certificate in case of any finding that deviates from the criteria.
Business partner is required to seek support from IAS consultancy team or another business partner authorized by IPC Program for the implementation of the module groups it sells despite not having relevant certificate.
Business partner must, for each project, reserve and set out in all agreements a maximum 5% of the project term to project audit to be conducted by IAS CC (Competence Center).
An existing business partner who wants to upgrade its level may submit, once having met the criteria, an application to IPC for renewal of the business partner certificate.
Each new business partner candidate must apply along with online application form and 3-year business plan/feasibility.
Mycanias Portal - Market Place will only advertise the solutions of business partners who are holders of Platinum and Gold certificate. Any change in certificate level of the solution owner in the course of time shall not affect this situation.
Business partners are obliged to keep the personnel information and information about certified personnel at the Mycanias Portal constantly up-to-date.
Business partner will exchange their annual sales plans and turnover targets with IPC Program over Mycanias Portal in the last quarter of every year during which IPC budget plan is prepared.
Industry-specific opportunities (i.e.: Finance Industry) will be assessed by IPC Program who will then exchange them with Business Partners who has industrial specialization.
IAS reserves the right to make changes in any kind of items and contents of this program without prior notice.
IAS may require official information about finances and personnel of business partners.
Profits and opportunites

Value Proposition






IPC Partner logo use

Access to Mycanias Portal

Access to Referral Partners

Access to caniasERP Demo Database


Opportunity to benefit from IBA trainings at bargain prices

Partner Promotion and Advertising on caniasERP Website

Company Promotion, Success Story News and Videos



Opportunity to open a stand at caniasERP conventions and events


Electronic material support

Access to Mycanias Portal Support and inquiry management

More profits and opportunites

Additional benefits

Training and Certificates

The certification will be provided according to the results of the tests to be held after trainings at IBA, and, under "caniasERP Consultancy Certification Management System" a partner is expected to hold certificates in the following 5 core fields:

Logistics (Supply Chain Management)
Production and Automation
Human Resources
Troia & IasDB & Infrastructure


Comprehensive self-help documents
Documents and videos for over 2000 processes
Project or industry-specific fast document generation system
Documents are provided in Turkish, English and German.

myCanias Partner Portal Application

Constantly keeping tabs on software updates and upgrades
Suggestions for product improvement and development, and tracking all suggestions.
Opportunity to consult specialist for key considerations of a project
Access to the constantly updated documents, video library and training videos
Constantly keeping track of all information exchange

Technical Support

For all our newcomer business partners, the opportunity of adaptation collaboratively in the first two projects is offered. In this course, business partners are expected to develop themselves/their teams.

Partner Level-Based Revenue Sharing

Financial Profitability and Commission Rates


The comission received by the business partner in addition to the licence fee is 25%.


The business partner receives a comission in addition to the licence fee of 30%.


The recieved comission for business partners in addition to the licence fee is 40%.


Business partners benefit from a comission of 50% in addition to the licence fee.

License Fee

The commission to be received by business partner over the License Fee will be calculated according above table on the basis of business partner's level. License sales to business partner will only be possible for Platinum Partner if Platinum Partner furnishes the letter of guarantee, front payment etc. guarantees that may be required by IAS.

Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee fixed by IAS is 20% of the list price calculated according to simultaneous users and modules selected, and IAS shall pay IAS Solution Partner a commission at the rate of 15% of the maintenance fees as agreed between client and IAS depending on the service model and products. Maintenance commission shall only be paid for the clients which Solution Partner has acquired, sold and developed the relevant project by its own means. Only Platinum Solution Partners may issue the maintenance invoice for the client who meets the conditions specified above provided that it has furnished the letter of guarantee, front payment etc. in the amount to be requested and if required by IAS. In this case, IAS will invoice Business Partner the maintenance fees for relevant client by deducting the discount extended. In case of project-specific requirement of Platinum partner which will issue maintenance invoice specific to the project, it may add its share of maintenance in the maintenance agreement it made with the client. Warranty period is 1 year starting by the agreement/order date. After said one year, the first maintenance invoice will be issued to Business Partner in the amount of 85% of 20% of then-current license list price increased by the then-current license amounts of the client taking into account inflation.

License Commission for Referral Partners

To be calculated as 5% of the discounted license sales price.

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