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canias4.0 IoT is your best automation solution for efficient measurement and analysis of your production and business processes.

In today's world, where digitization and digital transformation are crucial, it has become very important for companies to have an automation infrastructure linked to the ERP solution. canias4.0 offers a solution that meets the IoT and automation needs of your company thanks to its various modules and tools, while being fully integrated with the ERP solution without changing it.

The IoT solution of canias4.0 is mainly aimed at companies that produce in large quantities or work with a large number of different objects. In order to record and analyze the respective efficiency, you need to have the valuable data from your production and operating area at your disposal and a tool with which you can evaluate them sensibly according to your requirements. Thus you can make an efficient decision.

IoT Integration

With our IoT solution you can easily and automatically measure the performance of your machinery and your employees. We have developed various tools with which you can use canias4.0 individually. Our solution can be adapted to any machine or any other tool to be measured in your company.

The canias4.0 IoT solution does neither require the installation of another third party solution nor a supporting tool for its implementation. We offer you all the necessary equipment to connect your machines to your main server so that you can control them and also perform all the analysis and measurements.

caniasERP IoT Gateway

One of the biggest challenges in the use of automation systems are the different communication protocols resulting from the variety of technologies used. Therefore a common communicator is necessary.

IoT-Gateway is a protocol-independent communication technology that enables two-way connectivity between ERP servers and control units, sensors and smart devices, so that data such as resource consumption or environmental values can be monitored, analyzed and visualized in real time. The monitored data is automatically transferred to the ERP solution when predefined rule-based events occur. The data can than be processed in the ERP solution without a separate subsystem.

canias4.0 IoT Connector

The IoT-Connector furthermore enables the development of user interactive IoT applications. Consequently, when developing applications with TROIA, IoT-enabled business solutions with user interactive visual interfaces, such as operator applications, can be easily created without the need for advanced technical knowledge or third-party tools and systems.

If required, data and commands can also be sent so that operations such as start, stop, load configuration, speed adjustment, etc. can be performed from the system.

canias4.0 Automation (AUT)

With the Automation Module (AUT) a complete integration of IoT with the ERP solution is possible. Thanks to the Automation Module, you can ensure that all important data related to the production steps is collected, processed and controlled on the production lines. It establishes the link between the ERP solution and the machines used.

The screens of the automation module process the data received from the various machines. It is not only possible to receive information from the machines, but also, if desired, to send information or control the machines. The automation module is included in the standard scope of canias4.0, the customizing is easy and fast.

canias4.0 Production Intelligence (PRI)

With the Production Intelligence (PRI) module, the collected data can be monitored in real time to perform various analyses and reports on this data with production management, automation modules and IoT tools.

Productivity can be monitored using defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and, thanks to its flexible structure, deviations can be tracked on a periodical basis defined for the production environments defined in the system.

  • Measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Live production monitoring
  • Detailed reporting

canias4.0 Production Intelligence (PRI)
canias4.0 Automation (AUT)
caniasERP IoT Gateway
canias4.0 IoT Connector
Your advantages

Gain best IoT and automation possibilities for
your business processes

Full overview

See the performance and quality of your processes at any time.


Get analyses and reports to measure machine efficiency.

Dynamic Planning

Check and adjust production plans flexible at any time.


Measure all processes and their performance in real time.

Identify errors

Get insights of errors and simply identify their causes.

More efficient

Upgrade the efficiency and increase effective working time.

About our company and goals

canias4.0 hardware solutions for office and
production environments

The IoT solution of canias4.0 makes it easy

Our IoT solution is simple to install and configure and is therefore ready for use in just a few steps. Communication is provided with simple basic settings without complicated configuration settings.

The infrastructure is compatible with current technologies. This makes it easier to support new communication protocols, which is one of the biggest challenges in automation systems. In different sectors, machines and production lines can vary considerably and change over time. This is no problem with canias4.0.

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Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

IoT solutions can be used individually or in combination and thus for different problems in simple or complex structures.

Different devices and communication protocols

Different devices

Various devices that communicate via a serial interface, measuring devices or sensors can be connected.

Cost advantage

Cost advantage

With canias4.0 server devices can directly communicate via IoT, avoiding the need to collaborate with external systems.

Easy development

Easy development

Since with the IoT solution devices directly are accessible through the ERP solution, IoT and Automation applications can easily be developed through TROIA platform.

Complex projects in various industries makes us a strong partner for your industry 4.0 projects.

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About Us

canias4.0 is a solution of the IAS GmbH. With our wealth of experience and the continuously developed technology we are an international and intersectoral acting service partner.

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