Cyber Security

Prepare yourself a safer environment by enabling
canias4.0 security options.

canias4.0 and Security

Nowadays, cyber security can be faced in a wide range of areas from personal life to corporates. The presence of an information technology product or infrastructure without security creates more working areas for malicious people.

Encryption is to convert an information to an unintelligible format in order to hide from third-parties. Encryption and cryptography are the first measures to be taken for safer information technologies. The caniasERP application offers many encryption options with standard setup.

Deployment of Corporate Certificate

You can quickly deploy your corporate certificate to encrypt the communication between the browser and the caniasERP server.

Encryption of Communication
Encryption of Configuration Files
Login Restriction
Security of User Credentials
Password Policy

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canias4.0 is a solution of the IAS. With our wealth of experience and the continuously developed technology we are an international and intersectoral acting service partner.

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