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Choosing the goal of providing all the necessary solutions to companies in their digital transformation with canias4.0, we continue to work with an increasing capacity to reach this goal. Our company, the Industrial Application Software GmbH (IAS), which has rapidly increased the number of resources in its R&D offices, has made investments that will directly facilitate the work of enterprises and reduce installation costs with its industry-specific solutions. IAS, a company that produces its own technology, develops its solutions under the canias4.0 framework with its own software language TROIA development platform. With its Web-Client version, IAS, which delivers its solutions to its customers on every device with a browser feature, continuously improves its technology with its solutions for ERP, IoT, Cloud and Big Data.

Founded in 1989 by Yaşar Hakan Karabiber in Karlsruhe, Germany
Specialized in ERP solutions, automation, IoT and business intelligence technologies,
IAS provides services in 16 languages in 32 countries with more than 1000 customers and more than 30.000 users,
IAS has offices in Germany, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States,
Constantly expanding its partner network all over the world

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Selection of an ERP is a long process and after studying different software programs we were able to decide about IAS.

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With IAS we get everything from a single source. So we have one consultant who knows our entire system.

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Because the software is so flexible, we can bring in our own transactions ourselves. This is a huge advantage of our software.

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canias4.0 is your service partner for all your technology needs

canias4.0 is a comprehensive business solution that connects IoT and Big Data with your ERP solution. It is designed for the development of direct business applications. In this sense, it includes all structures and subsystems that may be needed. It largely eliminates the need for third party systems and programming languages. Due to the technology of canias4.0 IoT tools as well as Big Data and ERP can be used hand in hand.

System Integration / ERP

Are you looking for an ERP solution to practically manage and control all business processes in order to generate efficiency gains? With the help of ERP solutions you can overview and coordinate all factors such as materials, equipment, machines and people.

canias4.0 offers you a completely integrated Industry 4.0 solution which combines the requirements of an ERP solution with the technologies and customization you need to be perfectly equipped for the current and future market requirements without any interruptions.


IoT technologies hold great potential for the business sector because they enable decentralized, modular structures that bring unimagined flexibility. With IoT it is possible to digitalize and automate all processes, machines and workstations in order to collect, connect and control all your company information. To meet your automation requirements, we offer different IoT devices.

Big Data

Every machine, every component and every sensor collects more and more data - this results in a great flood of information. The task of Big Data is to process and analyze large amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data which create a basis for various performance analyses and thus form the basis for all business decisions. This results in endless possibilities for you to integrate them profitably and beneficially into your processes and activities. We offer you the nesseccary tools to make the data as useful as possible.


We also offer you canias4.0 as cloud solution, if you are interested in it as part of the digitalization of your business. With Cloud Computing you have the possibility to use canias4.0 flexible and device-independent via Internet. So you can react flexibly and quickly to new conditions. canias4.0 runs also as on-promise version or in a private cloud.

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canias4.0 is a solution of the IAS. With our wealth of experience and the continuously developed technology we are an international and intersectoral acting service partner.

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